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Brenda L. Hill Author of Pregnant with a Vision of Life’s Purpose

As president of MARS Contractors medical marijuana doctors, Inc., Brenda is responsible for the daily administration of the business. She is a self-motivated team leader and possesses a superior, practical & technical knowledge of construction and its concepts.


Pregnant with a Vision of Life’s Purpose, How I Gave Birth To Me

In her new book, Pregnant with a Vision of Life’s Purpose, Brenda L Hill shares her relationship with God and how she became pregnant and gave birth to a vision of purpose—the God within. The nine months are represented by the twenty-eight years of experiences and insights from the masters in her life and were laced with mercy, grace, and understanding. The three trimesters define the development of her mind, body, and the spirit.


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Women of Wealth Magazine

Women of best essay help Wealth Magazine is a National and International bi-monthly publication positioned to open offices in a global environment within the next three years. WOW is an online and print niche magazine with highly targeted demographics, designed to reach the top 7% of the market. The magazine’s focus is women who are in need of our services and women who are already wealthy and willing to give back. We will grow our print media business by increasing circulation, introducing apps to attract the smart phone, tablet markets and expanding our online presence to showcase our digital edition.